8 months off.

It's late and I can't sleep. Should I start posting again? The fact that someone posted a comment saying they had Greensleep to share makes me believe there's hope for all of us.



Final post of this fantastic LIHC week and I've got three songs for ya.

Silent Majority deftly married melodic hardcore with hints of emo, classic breakdown-style hc and emo with sense and sounds of living on Long Island. For the younger LIHC set, they're the holy grail of hometown bands. For those of us that saw them once or twice very weekend for a few years, there was nuthin' like 'em. I wish I could post all their songs, but I can't, so enjoy these three.

Silent Majority - "Expectations" [from 516 - A Long Island Hardcore Compilation and Based On A True Story]
Silent Majority - "Recognize" [from Distant Second and Based on a True Story]
Silent Majority - "Cross Crowded Rooms" [from Life of a Spectator]
buy the records from Amazon (but don't pick up You Would Love To Know...it's not all that good)

5 songs itunes played while I put this post together:
Silent Majority - "Polar Bear Club"
Avail - "Pink Houses"
Le Tigre - "We Like The Cars That Go Boom"
Discount - "Waiting For The Great Leap Forward"
Blood Red - "About Last Nite"



Saw Star Wars last night. 12:01. I am nerd. Hear me roar. It obliterated my expectations. And I was buying into the hype. Sure, there was some shitty acting and awful dialogue, but fuck...it was badass.

Today I've got two from Milhouse. If you like Born Against, you'll probably dig Milhouse. I'm at a loss for words because I'm watching footage of new videogames on G4TV. Too cool.
Yeah, Milhouse. Crazy, chaotic, NOT metallic hardcore.

Milhouse - "Patron Saint of Imbeciles I & II" [from split 7" w/C.R.]
Milhouse - "Of Epic Proportions" [from Obscenity In The Milk]
buy Obscenity In The Milk from Amazon

5 songs itunes played while I put this post together:
Nuthin'. G4TV's coverage of E3 owns me.



Fuck yeah. Last night's Against Me/Murder By Death show was awesome. I hadn't seen either band before and they didn't disappoint. Caught a new LI band called Bottle Rocket. They were okay. Got their demo. S'allright. It was also my first show on LI since the Inside reunion last summer. Good times all around. If you're near Long Island and wondering if you should check out the Downtown in Farmingdale, go for it. The place is aces.

Two tracks today, both from Crime in Stereo. Seriously, they're the best fucking band going right now. Sure, Comeback Kid and Champion are doing some awesome stuff, but Crime in Stereo (lots of C's, huh?) lays every other hardcore band to waste. And it's not because they're super hard or full of mega breakdowns, because they're not. They're honest and passionate and yes, they kick much ass. Fuck. They're so good.

Crime In Stereo - "It Ain't All Hugs and Handshakes" [from Explosives and the Will To Use Them]
Crime In Stereo - "Amsterdamned" [from Explosives and the Will To Use Them]
buy Explosives and the Will To Use Them, shirts and more at their MerchDirect site

5 songs itunes played while I put this post together:
Against Me! "Pints of Guinness Make You Strong"
Murder By Death "A Masters in Reverse Psychology"
Bottle Rocket "The Light From Your Window"
Crime In Stereo "Play It Loud Fuckers"
Queen "Princes of the Universe"


So, yeah. Things are cool again.

Anyway, LIHC, right!? This week is LIHC week because Sunday is a reunion show for two of the bands that were staples of the LIHC scene from 1995-2001ish: Silent Majority and Milhouse. It's gonna be fucking crazy. I'm so excited. Plus, two current LI bands are playing, Thieves and Assassins and Crime In Stereo. CiS is amazing. I listen to them all the time, but haven't seen them, so this show is just extra awesome.
I'm a little rushed now because I've gotta bust outta work and head down to LI for a totally different show! Against Me and Murder By Death. It's the first show of the tour and it's gonna be killer.

Here's a track from Thieves and Assassins!

Thieves and Assassins - "People in Glass Houses Stay Warm Through the Winter" [from their 2004 demo]
download the whole demo at their site for free!

5 songs itunes played while I put this post together:
Hot Snakes "The Mystic Decade"
Mastodon "Crusher Destroyer"
Spoon "I Summon You"
Where Eagles Dare "Hard Times"
Silent Majority "Happy Hour"

Fuck. I just realized I saved this post as a draft and didn't send it out yesterday. Oh well. Two for today.


My Moustache...Still Strong.

I've considered over a dozen different songs as the first post back from the long break. I'm still pondering which one to use. Some great, newer HC song from Crime in Stereo or Dead Hearts? A great older track from Indecision? A wacky cover?
I really want to post a new song by the NJ band, The Milwaukees. My friend Chris is friends with them and pushed them upon me. We saw them at Trash Bar in Brooklyn a month or so ago and again at Lit on Friday night. Their old sound was kind of emo and, to me at least, a little ho-hum. They've turned up the rock 124% and are much stronger for it. They're fun, witty and rock the fuck out. One of the guys in the band passed Chris some shhh, secret, final mixes of their new stuff and they would be perfect for MMSE.
Well, that's a no-go. At least for a while. So, in my indifference, I'll post the title track from Comeback Kid's new album, Wake The Dead. It kicks monumental ass.

Comeback Kid - "Wake The Dead" [from Wake The Dead]
buy Wake The Dead at Insound

5 songs itunes played while I put this post together:
Comeback Kid "The Trouble I Love"
The Milwaukees "Rock & Roll #3"
Crime In Stereo "It Ain't All Hugs and Handshakes"
Against Me! "Cliche Guevara"
As Friends Rust "Operation"



Looks like the MP3 Blog Aggregator picked me up sometime in the past two months. Guess I'll start posting again. I need some browser-accessible webspace, if anyone knows of a good option. If I can manage it, I'll post a song today through the normal means.


We're getting a dog?

My roomates are gung-ho about getting a dog, so we're getting one tomorrow. Bad idea? Probably. But I love them dogs, so I'll enjoy it. Unfortunately, the dog's name is Paris. We'll have to change that and quick.
Tonight's musical selection? A little Reagan Youth. If you're familiar with the movie "Airheads," you should recognize this song pretty quickly. This was the song the, ahem, Lone Rangers were trying to get played before things went awry. The original is much better, a lo-fi punk classic.

Reagan Youth - "Degenerated" [from A Collection of Pop Classics]
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5 songs itunes played while I put this post together:

Rites of Spring - "End On End"
Transistor Transistor - "I Am The Goddamn Devil"
Queen - "We Will Rock You"
The Pogues - "Blue Heaven"
Kilara - "Succubus"